Lay Report: Revival

Similar look, slightly more petite, and darker skin It was early July, and the mall had briefly opened after the COVID closures. Despite being rusty after taking a hiatus from game, I met a new, highly skilled wing and went HARD. We initially suspected, like most guys, that COVID-19 was a death-blow to game. But … Continue reading Lay Report: Revival

Finding Patterns

Success in daygame comes from knowing what what you're capable of, and exploiting it. Over time, if you've done enough approaches you'll be able to identify patterns that you can use to your advantage. A major turning point in my daygame career was Dec. 2019 to Jan. 2020, when I had the most free time … Continue reading Finding Patterns

Understand Randomness to Win

Coming from an engineering background, I've always been hyperanalytical, and with game I am no different. Viewing game from a statistician's perspective, i.e. understanding probability distributions and randomness, is crucial if you want to get anywhere near your full potential. Playing to Win One of my favorite quotes from the late Kobe Bryant is, "the … Continue reading Understand Randomness to Win