In a Major Trough

I feel like everything is working against me right now. It’s cold as fuck. Volume is low. Also I have severe “girlfriend pickup dip” right now from seeing one of my main chicks (she was approach #17 of last semester) and expending all my sexual energy on her. I understand that I must keep up my game on the side or I may lose all of my progress, but it’s just so difficult right now. These days the only viable times for me to game are during passing periods around noon/midday, and even then I usually only see one halfway decent set. The other option for me is to be clutch with sets I randomly see throughout the day, which is still incredibly difficult for me (this is something I need to work on). I have only done just over 10 approaches in the past 3 weeks, which is a very lackluster performance considering what I was able to consistently do back home over winter break. To be honest, I 100% saw this coming. During the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester, I knew I had to go crazy with approaching in the first month or else it would be 10x harder come winter, which was a totally accurate prediction. I’m glad I went full God Mode, or else I would not have a main fallback girl at the moment.

Relying too much on state

In one of my previous posts on Frame, I talked about how State is an important tool for harnessing volume, but should not be relied on. I am making the mistake of depending too much on extended daygame “sarge” sessions as a source of lead volume, during which I get into state and go crazy with approaches. This ultimately cripples my ability to open sets that I happen upon by chance in my day to day life. I’m just not being decisive enough, overthinking, and being too self conscious. From now on I will train myself to remember the AA remedies that I described in my previous post.

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