Understand Randomness to Win

Coming from an engineering background, I’ve always been hyperanalytical, and with game I am no different. Viewing game from a statistician’s perspective, i.e. understanding probability distributions and randomness, is crucial if you want to get anywhere near your full potential.

Playing to Win

One of my favorite quotes from the late Kobe Bryant is, “the greatest players have the shortest memories.” You must be able to wade through knee deep shit, unfazed, to get to the prize. This is only possible if you completely trust the process. A big part of playing to win is understanding that each set you see is nothing more than a random variable– an unturned stone with an unpredictable outcome. The compliance you receive will fall into its inevitable position in a distribution of possible outcomes, a distribution that is defined by your level of game as well as your volume. However, there are sets that, no matter how good your game or logistics, will never give you full compliance, and long losing streaks are extremely likely. The beginner gamer is easily discouraged by said streaks, also known as “dry spells,” and will quit from their belief that game just doesn’t work. The master, however, understands that losing streaks are part of the winning formula, and will continue to venture where few will ever go in search of the prize. The master has seen it all– dry spells, followed by an influx of lays, followed by another dry spell. But he trusts the process, and continues to win in the long run. Be the master. Don’t be fooled by the cruel and deceiving nature of statistics.

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