Date Report: Sexy Gym Chick

Actually her

I had just finished my workout and was on my way out of the gym when I saw her. She was walking in the opposite direction and her wide hips, juicy legs accentuated by tight yoga pants, pretty face and slim figure caught my eye– a solid 9 for me. From my initial impression I knew she was either a Chinese or Korean international student. As she walked past me and went up the stairs, I was basically like “fuck it, YOLO” and just chased her down for the open. I approached from the back/side with a direct opener, and I could immediately tell she was receptive, though obviously shy and taken aback. Her english was sort of poor, but she was actually quite talkative and I really didn’t have to put in much work. This was honestly a godsend because this entire month I’ve been pretty removed from game due to laziness and the weather, so to come upon a receptive set that I randomly came upon in my daily life was really lucky. But, I know these types of sets aren’t just luck– they’re a product of deliberately placing yourself in a position to be able to be successful. Anyways, back to the girl. We chatted for a few minutes and I learned that she came to the US a month ago from China and was only staying here for a semester. I got both her number and Wechat and seeded the hangout for sometime soon, to which she agreed.

Over chat it was pretty much smooth sailing, I texted her two days later and we arranged to get dinner at a Korean restaurant. The dinner date actually went really well, probably one of the best meal dates I’ve had in a while in terms of dynamic, because she was actually really talkative and investing a lot so I didn’t have to single-handedly haul ass (lol). From previous experiences I know it’s absolutely imperative to “bounce” her around (a pillar of the Mystery Method) to create an expanded perception of your time together, so we got dinner, then got boba, and after boba I basically said “let’s hang out at my place.” She was quite agreeable, but on the walk to my place she asked me “is it normal in America to visit someone’s apartment on the first day?” to which I was like “yeah it’s perfectly normal.” I mean, what else would I say haha.

When we got to my apartment, I gave her a short tour of my apartment and then we sat down and chatted a bit and drank our drinks. After about 10 minutes or so I said let’s watch some AHS, and I motioned her to sit with me on the couch– I brought a blanket so we could stay warm and get close. 10 minutes into the AHS episode (which by the way was freaky as fuck), she was hellllla scared so I said “hold my hand,” and grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to me. Shortly after, she was talking some bullshit about the show and I just looked straight at her and moved my head in close, and she asked “do you want to–” which I cut off with the kiss. We kissed for about 10 seconds, and she was actually really into it but pulled back. What really got me was this: after she pulled back, she said, “so I guess this means we won’t see eachother again.” What the fuck? I basically expressed that that made no sense and that if she’s into me she shouldn’t just force herself to not see me. I kept the mood flirty, and she left some ambiguity in the air despite showing that she was really into me. We made out for about 30 minutes, and I refrained from going for the direct pull because I knew it wasn’t going to happen that night. Very often with these international Asians, they won’t have sex until at least the second date even if they’re freaky.

After we chilled for a bit I saw her to the door. She pecked me on the lips and left.


  • Where you meet a girl doesn’t matter. If she’s into you, she’ll let you into her life.
  • The gym is actually a great place to meet women, especially when all other locations are shitty.
  • While social and cultural norms may guide a woman’s decision making, the primal mating behaviors in her subconscious will almost always prevail. If she rejects or resists advances, it isn’t because of cultural norms– it’s because she wasn’t into you to begin with.
  • ALWAYS move the girl around to multiple locations on the first date. LEAD!!
  • ALWAYS go for the “bounceback.” This means you must invite her home.
  • Don’t be a pussy at the last minute. Most girls will lose respect for you if you don’t at least try to sexually advance on them.

UPDATE AS OF 3/4/2020: We’re on for a date this weekend!

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