Date Report: Sexy Gym Chick Pt. II

2nd date at my place. The premise was that I was going to cook her dinner, but the moment we stepped in to my apartment, I grabbed her and we started making out. I grabbed her ass and worked my hands up the inside of her shirt, and she giggled but resisted. Neither of us were hungry so we watched some Netflix on the couch, and essentially for the next 2 hours we passionately made out but I faced insurmountable LMR. I tried everything in the playbook, guys:

  • Grabbed her neck and play-choked her
  • Nibbled her neck and ear, to which she moaned
  • Rubbed her pussy through her jeans
  • Tried to get her pants off
  • Pulled back and gave her the cold shoulder when she gave LMR

But every time her body was about to say yes, her forebrain came in and forced her to say no. She was thoroughly enjoying it, though– at one point she said, “you’re dangerous!” in her cute accent, to which I replied, “yeah, you like that don’t you?” She giggled. We kept making out after that and I must have pushed the escalation more than 5 times, but in the end the LMR was impossible to get past. She implied she wanted to keep her purity until marriage, and said that if she’d already had sex then she would have sex with me. I asked her about her previous relationships, and she told me she had 3 previous boyfriends and didn’t have sex with any of them. What the fuck?

I kind of want to drop her right now, but I think since she’s one of the hottest girls I’ve ever reeled in I’ll give it two more dates to try to game the shit out of her and make it happen. In the meantime I’m going to do some more “lead farming.”

Lessons Learned:

  • “Lover frame” is critically important to establish from the beginning. If she doesn’t fuck with it, she can get lost.
  • NO platonic “meal dates.”
  • ABC: Always Be Closing.
  • Move QUICKLY (don’t waste either of your time).
  • All girls are naturally attracted to CLOSERS – the antithesis of PUSSIES.
  • Reproduction triggers exist in EVERY GIRL.
  • It doesn’t matter where you meet her.

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