Open to Close Manual – 1st Date Method

Here is a basic daygame formula from open to close. Note that there are MANY variations to this, as well as many confounding factors, and many steps depend on the vibe. This is only meant to be a general guideline so you’re not shooting blind.


  • “Hi you look amazing”
  • Be DECISIVE (3-second rule)
  • Speak CLEARLY and SLOWLY
  • Laser eye contact
  • Nail the fundamentals 

Cold Read (stack)

  • “You look like..”
  • “Wow your hair is amazing, you could be in a shampoo commercial” 
  • “You look like you’re running a marathon”
  • “You have a really confident walk”
  • Ethnicity cold-read
  • Attitude/expression cold-read
  • Spikes (sexualized observations)
  • Negs

Seed Meetup

  • Don’t ask; suggest or assume
  • “What’s your schedule look like, let’s grab drinks”
  • “I’m free this Friday, let’s get drinks”

Number Close 

  • “Well that’s all the attention I can give you for now” 
  • False time constraint 
  • Go for NUMBER FIRST 
  • If she tries to insta-bait you, don’t bite > take number FIRST then insta


  • #1 priority: establish kino EARLY 
  • Remember that if she doesn’t like your advances, she can get lost
  • Venue 1 (restaurant or drink spot; casual preferred)
    • Comfort-building + general convo
    • Spikes / sexualized observations
    • If vibe is right, work in kino here or in transition to Venue 2
    • Shortcut: bounce home if vibe is right
  • Venue 2 (bar. can bounce to more than 1 bar)
    • Kino
    • Hand holding routine 
    • Pull in for K-close 
    • Sexualization 
    • Routines and Games (will cover these later)
      • 5 Questions
      • Don’t Smile 
      • Wing Wing 
    • MUST go for the bounceback 
    • Drinks/food at my place
    • Video Games/Netflix
    • Establish kino within 5 minutes 
    • Escalate


If receptive to kino and makeout, fully escalate. Note that many girls will actually lose interest if you don’t at least try to fuck them. 


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