Experiment: Tinder from a Hot Girl’s Perspective

To be a master of the craft, you must know the target AND your competition inside and out. I recently decided to create a fake Tinder account as a really hot girl, with several pics I found online, to better understand dating from an attractive girl’s perspective and understand what types of guys I’m competing against. The results were eye-opening: I got 99+ likes in about 10 minutes, about 65 matches within 1 hour, and almost 40 messages from those matches overnight. Jesus Christ. These results are something I sort of knew about, but it’s really something you have to see for yourself. The amount of competition for one really hot chick, on Tinder at least, is just staggering. I finally got to see the truth: that every guy in town and his brother is secretly a sex-crazed fucker. Which is honestly no surprise. But just seeing the playing field for myself from this girl’s perspective, I was able to identify many patterns that can provide an almost unfair advantage.

Most guys’ pictures are terrible

No surprise here. Almost all of the profiles I came across have shitty, low-res phone pictures, with poor lighting, awkward facial expressions, and are taken either too close to their face (selfie) or way too far away from them so you can barely even see their face. Lesson: use high-resolution DSLR photos with excellent lighting and a clear view of both your face and upper body.

Openers mostly sucked

Wow they were bad. There were few really clever ones that made an impression, but those were few and far between. Most of the openers were just direct compliments or boring questions (or even worse, direct thirsty openers), so I’m starting to realize that direct game on Tinder is a crapshoot. To stand out, yes you should be clever to give yourself the biggest advantage over the competition (in real life, however, I think that direct game still works because you’re already at the front of the line and you don’t necessarily have to be super creative). Keep note: the winning openers I received were either wordplays on my (fake) name, or on something from one of my pictures.

Most guys double or triple messaged

I feel like doing this instantly diminishes your value and is akin to shooting yourself in the foot, yet most guys still do it. Lesson: be concise and maintain high value.

Hail-Mary sexual openers were common and don’t work

“Dayummm ;)” “I’m daddy” “Wow you’re fine”

Just a few examples of these types of openers that I’m sure most guys send. I think that seeing it from the girl’s perspective made me realize just how off-putting these types of messages are. They’re akin to wolf-whistling a girl on the street. Remember to never send lazy, sexual openers like these if you actually want a chance.

Final thoughts

While the NUMBER of competitors is high, the overall QUALITY of the competitors is low. This makes sense: just as high-value women are rare, high-value men are also rare. Guys who are good looking, have good pictures, have good social proof, and have good game are few and very far between. When a hot girl has hundreds of guys to choose from, the only guys who will even have a smidge of a chance of meeting her are the guys who AT THE BARE MINIMUM excel in the areas above where 90% of guys fuck up, AND provide further value beyond that.

After seeing this, I’m honestly more disgusted by online game than ever. For the most part, it deceives men into believing they can get “passive pussy,” when really it just turns them into passive pussies. Due to the advent of online dating, Daygame has become more powerful than ever because it gives you significant advantages over the competition, including instantly putting yourself at the front of the line, demonstrating unwavering confidence, and giving you a chance to spit A+ game in person. See, human reproductive behaviors didn’t evolve online: they evolved from face-to-face interactions, and understanding this and exploiting it can make you a winner.

If you want to do online game, though, here are the sticking points:

  • Use high-resolution DSLR photos with excellent lighting and a clear view of both your face and upper body
  • Invest time into coming up with a quality opener
  • NEVER message more than once at a time
  • NO thirsty openers
  • NEVER rely on online game and DELETE it once quarantine ends

One thought on “Experiment: Tinder from a Hot Girl’s Perspective

  1. Great post, months ago one friend of mine that does daygame to found exactly the same thing you pointed out. Now seems quite a certain which is the image of online dating by an hot girl point of view

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