Finding Patterns

Success in daygame comes from knowing what what you’re capable of, and exploiting it. Over time, if you’ve done enough approaches you’ll be able to identify patterns that you can use to your advantage.

A major turning point in my daygame career was Dec. 2019 to Jan. 2020, when I had the most free time in a while to go out and sarge. For me, it was sort of a test of my abilities to see how reliably I can bring attractive women into my life and get laid if I put in a certain amount of effort over a certain amount of time. Over those two months, I was able to put up around 150 approaches, have numerous dates, and get 2 lays at the end of everything. Of course, that’s not a lot of data, but it was enough for me to know that there’s a certain amount of consistency in the way things play out for myself– and that knowledge is priceless.

A huge source of confidence in daygame comes from knowing that you’ve done it before, and you can do it again, especially with a specific type of girl who you know is highly likely to be attracted to you. Personally, my most successful demographic is Asian girls– Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. There’s likely a lot of bias involved since they’re my preferred demographic, but I could care less. Over my lifetime I have numerous references in which I dated or laid very attractive Asian girls, so naturally it no longer really phases me to approach Asians because I know there’s a very realistic chance that she’s genetically programmed to cave in to me. This is a pattern I have discovered that has allowed me to have unwavering confidence with this demographic, and it was by no means easy to find. In my future daygame endeavors I hope to gather more reference lays with different demographics, to see if it’s even possible for myself.

So, keep venturing into the unknown. Personally, I find it fun to discover the limits of my abilities, because it means I’m getting closer to realizing my full potential. And isn’t that what life’s about? Cheers.

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