Lay Report: Revival

Similar look, slightly more petite, and darker skin

It was early July, and the mall had briefly opened after the COVID closures. Despite being rusty after taking a hiatus from game, I met a new, highly skilled wing and went HARD. We initially suspected, like most guys, that COVID-19 was a death-blow to game. But there was only one way to find out.

This girl was probably the ~40th or 50th approach I opened since starting to game again since the closures, and was in a rather difficult-looking mixed set of 2 girls and 2 guys. She was standing outside a boba shop, and was wearing tight yoga pants and a tank top, and was Chinese despite looking a bit Latina due to her tanned skin. She had a nice ass, long juicy legs, slim waist, long, highlighted hair, and a really pretty face. In cringey pickup terms, she was a solid HB8. I opened her direct, as I usually do, and she was noticeably calm and hooked easily. She was 19 years old, and an international student at a nearby college. The interaction wasn’t very long, probably 5 minutes max, and I did the standard stack with some spikes (sexualized observations) mixed in. In the middle of the interaction, her girl friend interjected and asked her what she was doing, to which I responded “I’m hitting on your friend.” Since I was doing high-volume sarging that day, I just seeded the hangout, got the number close, and dipped.

For the first date, we got food, which I actually recommend against. But I’m not exemplary at pickup, so I dined her. We actually clicked really well, and after we got food I made sure to move her around, per the Mystery Method. We went on a walk around the town and I quickly tried to do some kino and climb the compliance ladder, which she resisted– after that, I pulled back and just became distant. I recommend doing this when she’s giving you a hard time, like just start checking your phone or something. Anyways, it quickly got a bit awkward and I said I had to go. When we were parting, I said “see you soon, maybe, maybe not,” and surprisingly she seemed disappointed. I knew I’d see her again.

The next day she texted me, obviously concerned that I didn’t want to see her anymore, and we quickly set up our next date. This time, it was at the beach. When we got there, I just went caveman mode and pulled her into me by the arm and had one of the juiciest makeouts I’ve ever had.. she was a really good kisser. Then I thought the impossible– could I really be going for the beach pull? During the makeout I grabbed her juicy ass and moved my hand down and rubbed her pussy, and I could feel through her panties that it was wet and throbbing. She was basically ready. Then, right as things started to get hot and heavy, she gave LMR and said “not here.” Maybe it was because of the old guy staring at us the whole time..

After the beach, we went back to her place and I just tore off her clothes, slipped on a condom and pounded her like a ragdoll. She’s a relatively small girl, so it was easy to manhandle her and just completely dominate. To my pleasant surprise, she was the loudest Asian girl I’d ever fucked, as she moaned super loud as I went in and out. I flipped her over to hit from the back, and the visuals of hitting her juicy ass, combined with her moaning sounds, made her one of my most satisfying lays so far.

So, COVID doesn’t mean game is over. Game on!!

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