How To ACTUALLY Get Volume

Readers of my blog will know that I am a huge proponent of high approach volume. I believe that after you have spent time learning game fundamentals, the next best bang for your buck (pun intended) will come from raw effort towards meeting as many women as possible. Though, this is obviously easier said than done. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I was extremely motivated on a certain day or week, but flopped and came up empty-handed or with slim-pickings. Over time, I’ve noticed a pattern– my highest-volume days and weeks all shared the same types of preparation.

1. Read and Watch Lots of Pickup Material

This first one is critical for your mental priming. Pickup is largely a mental game, and immersing yourself in pickup-related materials will dramatically reduce your self-imposed mental barriers and boost your confidence.

2. Schedule Dedicated Sarge Sessions

You have to force yourself to go out. Even though your approach volume will vary from session to session, you will still get much higher volume than if you were to stay at home.

3. Get Frustrated Enough

Go out and lose. OK, I’m not saying deliberately lose, but use your failed sarge sessions in which you barely approached as fuel for your flame. Get ANGRY. Be HARD on yourself for not pushing yourself further outside your comfort zone. Then go back out.

Rinse, Repeat

Daygame never really reaches an “endpoint” where you reach a skill level at which you don’t need high volume. If you’re hungry like I am, the numbers you’re putting up are NEVER enough. If I’m putting up 30 sets in a daygame session, the next time I want 60. Then the time after that I want 120. OK maybe not 120 but you see what I mean? Daygame is a game of constant improvement, and you have to keep pushing yourself to double your volume no matter what stage in the game you’re at. For this reason, I believe the above steps are crucial for any daygamer, from beginner to advanced.

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