In pickup, frame is critically important. Frame, essentially, is establishing yourself as confident and high value, and most techniques that PUAs use have the purpose of establishing a strong frame. You may have heard “solid frame” before; this means that throughout an interaction with a girl, from the open to finish, you must carry yourself with un-budging confidence such that you are portrayed as high value. This establishes a “reference frame” from your perspective, where instead of being in position of selling yourself to the girl, you are giving her an opportunity to meet a confident, high-value guy. To have a solid frame, you must 1. actually believe you provide her tremendous value and 2. pass her shit tests, or her tests to see if you’re a pussy or not. Like all other aspects of pickup, stronger frame comes with practice.

It is easy to get bogged down by all the tips and techniques, so I’ll try to simplify what you need to know when you’re actually in field to have solid frame.

A Master PUA is…

  • Confident
  • Decisive
  • Unapologetic

CONFIDENCE IS KEY. It is critical for you to maintain rock solid confidence at all times in an interaction, otherwise the girl will smell it and your frame will fall apart and she will not see you as high value. Next, you must be extremely, and I mean EXTREMELY decisive. In any given daygame session, there are a certain number of potential sets that the world presents to you, and you want to open as many of these as possible if you want to be successful. A master lets very few of these opportunities pass– he is as sharp as a great white tailing an injured seal. I’ll post more on this later. Finally, you must be 100% unapologetic. If at any moment you feel like you are inconveniencing the girl you’re about to approach, your frame is over. I mean OVER. You are fucking hot and you will NOT apologize for giving her an opportunity to meet you. This is absolutely critical for your decisiveness and frame. Next time you go out, keep these 3 things in mind and be hellbent on embodying them– your frame will be improved significantly.

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