Winter Break Recap (Dec’19-Jan’20)

How I felt coming back home to tear it up..

4 weeks, 149 sets, 2 lays. This winter break was critical for me to prove myself, and I delivered. After getting off the plane from school, I immediately unpacked and headed straight to the Valley Fair Mall for a session with my wing. I had just traveled for 14+ hours and was tired as fuck, but it was 3PM and Friday so I had enough time to make it to the mall in time for peak volume (foot traffic). I had been out of game for a while and was rusty, but gaming with a wing is like activating Spartan Mode in God of War. I pretty much went ham and ended the day with 17 approaches and 2 flaky numbers. Even though it wasn’t the most successful day in terms of getting solid contacts, with the amount of approaches I did on such little sleep I knew I was back and ready to tear the place up over the next few weeks. I returned to the mall multiple times throughout the next 5 weeks, mostly solo but occasionally with wings, and ended winter break with approximately 149 sets, dates with 4 girls, and 2 lays. During these few weeks, I did some of the hardest sets of my life, including mom sets, MILFs, 5-sets, and many hail-mary sets in which I normally would have aborted the approach. Many days I left beaten and bruised from hours of walking the mall in my lift-boots, but the successes I saw made all the pain, exhaustion, anxiety, and emotional torture worth it. I’ve seen it all, and I now feel like Neo from the Matrix. The lays are detailed in separate lay reports.

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