Lay Report: Japanese Exchange Student

Almost identical representation

She was the first set of the day. The moment I walked into the mall, I saw her standing against the wall out of the corner of my eye. She was wearing skinny jeans that showed off her legs, and was a bit short for my tastes but had a very cute face. I opened direct, with the usual “Hey I thought you were cute and thought I’d say hi.” She was instantly hooked from the open, like she had the biggest smile, was flushed and practically on her tippy toes. I talked to her for about 6 minutes and found out that she was an exchange student from Japan, and was only in the United States for a month. I got the contact close and kept going with my daygame session. Funny thing was that that was pretty much the only solid contact I got the entire day. If I had gotten the jitters upon entering the mall and didn’t just dive in, I would not have gotten a single solid number, much less a lay.

She required a bit of work, as international Asians are almost always more easily spooked than their American counterparts. On our first date, I made sure to move her around a lot– a classic Mystery Method technique to expand the percepted time spent together. First we went to get boba and vibed at the boba shop for about 45 minutes, then I took her to walk around the shopping center we were at. We explored a grocery store for a bit. After moving her around the shopping center I asked if she wanted to go see a movie, and she was down. Essentially I was running compliance tests the entire evening and she agreed to every single one, which was a very good sign. We got to the movie theater around 30 minutes before the movie, so we had time to kill. Initially we sat down in our seats for the movie, but it was clearly way too early. This was when I started to initiate kino– I had found out earlier that she plays piano, so I asked to see her hand. I placed her hand on mine to compare our hand sizes, but just grasped her hand. FYI this is a classic hand-holding technique. She blushed and I took her out of the movie theater to go to the arcade to kill some more time. After playing around at the arcade, we still had some time so I just pulled her in to me as we were walking and just like that we were cuddling against the wall. So far she was exhibiting 100% compliance, which is actually pretty rare. I believe that if the girl doesn’t comply to hand holding, she isn’t down for any other kino of physicality. After we cuddled a bit we watched the movie and then I drove her home. In retrospect I could have gone for the kiss/makeout when we were cuddling, but that may also have been a bit aggressive. I tried kissing her when I dropped her off and said goodbye, but she blushed and turned her head away and said, “next time.” While I understand most veteran PUAs would scold me for not going for the pull that night, from my own experience I know this pull wouldn’t happen on the first night, in part due to difficult logistics because it was late.

A week later I picked her up for another date, this time we went to the mall to hang out. We got frozen yogurt and walked around for about 30 minutes, but I knew I had to escalate FAST or else I’d be going nowhere. As we were walking and holding hands. I pulled her in, right up against me and looked her right in the eyes and tilted my head down. I think this REALLY turned her on because she gave me the sex eyes and turned her head away for like 1 second, then basically lunged her lips towards mine and gave me probably the juiciest makeout I’ve ever experienced. We made out against a railing in view of everyone walking past in the hallway, and based off this I knew she was down to fuck. To be completely honest I wasn’t even planning on laying her that night (not sure why), but at that moment I knew it was now or never. I was leaving back to school in a week and this would most likely be the only shot I had at getting the lay. I said “let’s go back to my place” and she agreed. We drove back and I turned on some Netflix, but we were pretty much making out the entire time. My hand drifted onto her small tits, and down to rub her pussy through her skirt. She had this belt keeping her skirt on, and I slowly undid it but it wouldn’t come off. She giggled and took it off herself, then took her top and skirt off. I took my pants off, and she climbed underneath she sheets and blew me to heaven. She gave really good head, much better than Lyn. I grabbed her and climbed on top of her, and she was looking me straight in the eye with her sex expression– it was the sexiest expression I’ve ever seen. I stuck my dick in her raw. Her pussy was the tighest I’d ever experienced. I went so deep inside her, all the way to her cervix and could feel my dick bottom out. It was almost too tight, like I could feel her pussy squeezing the life out of my dick. The visuals were amazing, she was in her bra and her tiny Japanese body was tossed back and forth as I ravaged her raw. The best part was that she was looking me straight in the eye with that sex face that I’ll never forget. After that she cleaned up and I sent her home. I tried staying in contact with her but she essentially just went ghost on me. I think many chicks basically disappear after you fuck them because they feel like they got played or used, or guilty. I’m guessing that’s how she felt after that night. Oh well, at least I got some good memories from that.

On a side note, yeah I’m really REALLY fucking up by not using condoms on these chicks. I really have to change this or else I’m going to pay someday. Also I hope she doesn’t somehow get pregnant..

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