Lay Report: Harvard Student

Closest representation I could find

I was just about to sit down for lunch with two of my wings to refuel after daygaming for 2 hours. Right as I was about to sit down, I saw this tall Asian chick with the nicest ass, legs, and juicy tits. This caught me off guard and I honestly was a bit sleepy, but I was on fire that day and I kind of just YOLO’d. She had just lined up to order food at the food court, and I had to navigate through the line barriers to get to her. I did probably the worst and probably lowest energy direct open ever. I think I said something like “hey you look amazing,” in the weakest voice, while holding my food that I had just ordered, and I was sorta slumped over because I was just so exhausted. She said “Thanks” then my mind just blanked like I had some runtime error and we just stood facing eachother for like 10 seconds. Then she said, “Well, did you plan on saying anything after that?” and I was like “Yuh.” I just wasn’t functioning. Finally I mustered up some energy and spat some game– she was instantly hooked and I stood with her in line talking for about 15 minutes. She was 19 and went to Harvard University (ikr, dem repressed nerd chicks need some dick!!). I swear that repressed chicks, more often than not, just go wild once they get to college. And I was pretty much right. I was too tired to go for the insta-date so I bailed back to eat lunch with my wings after getting the number close.

Two weeks went by because she went on a cruise one week, and I went on a family trip the week after. But after that, I pretty much just texted her with my intentions very clear. I basically said “Netflix & chill at my place” and she was just like “sure” and it was on. That easy. I never in a million years would have thought it would have been that easy. But to be honest, I felt that she was sexually attracted from the interaction so I just went for the low-effort and straightforward text and it worked. Actually this is the second time that this exact interaction happened for me, the last time was about a year ago in college. So yeah, some chicks out there are really just down to fuck, no joke.

I drove 20 minutes to pick her up, then we got boba and vibed for a bit and then I took her back to my place. Funny thing is that I put on Netflix but she was impatient and said “well we’re not really going to watch that.” I just grabbed her and started making out. My hands gripped her juicy ass and then moved up to her D-cup tits as we made out. She dropped down and gave me sloppy head for a few minutes, which to be honest wasn’t very good at all, but that was OK. In the heat of the moment I was so horny and really didn’t want to use a condom (I know, bad habit), but I asked if she was clean and on BC and got the green light from her, so I went in. I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing in front of me, her tits swaying back and forth as she moaned in pleasure, begging me to go harder. I swear, the feeling you get when you fuck a girl that you picked up off the street is so satisfying, just watching her sway back and forth and moan as you fuck her brains out while you remind yourself that YOU worked hard to get this. I came inside her and we cleaned up. Yeah I know hitting her raw and cumming inside her was 100% a terrible idea and not advisable at all, c’mon.. you would’ve done it too lol. I drove her home– before she left she pecked me on the cheek and said “Thanks for having sex with me.” Was I dreaming?

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