Thanksgiving ’19 Recap

59 sets, 16 contact closes, and 5 solid contact closes. These were done across about 3 mall daygame sessions during my 1 week back home in the SF Bay Area for Thanksgiving Break. I went in knowing that it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to pull with only 1 week back home, because this is simply inadequate time. However, my main motivation was to brush the cobwebs off my game skills after a brutal midterms season and getting the “girlfriend pickup dip” back at school. Plus, due to the holiday season the malls had higher than normal volume.

My first session of this week was a session at Valley Fair mall with my wing, who is honestly a godsend. I can’t stress enough how important a wing is in obtaining high volume of opens– in my experience, I almost always do significantly more approaches when I go out with a wing. I believe this has to do with primal pack mentality (i.e. back in caveman days, having someone on your side meant extra safety, especially when you’re hitting on some hot cave(woman?)). At the end of the day I had opened 24 sets, gotten 4 numbers, and 2 solid numbers. One of the solid numbers was literally one of the hottest Viet chicks I’d ever seen in my life– she had what I call an S-line body: amazing ass, slim waist, nice tits. For me she was probably a 9. Funny thing was she was actually with her family, but I didn’t realize (thank god) so I just approached her. She was shy at first and I realized she was with her family, but I kept a strong frame with rock solid confidence, and got the number. The second solid number was from a Korean American chick with an extremely juicy ass and legs. This was a 2-set so I almost didn’t open, but I just sent it and both of them were very receptive and I got the number with ease.

The second session was a Westfield San Francisco mall session in the evening. For this session I was actually on a trip with family and basically told them I was going to shop for boots for an hour. When I got to the mall, I was instantly in daygame heaven: the volume was literally the highest I had ever seen in my life as a daygamer. There were pretty much unlimited sets, including heaps of Asian girls, which is my target demographic. This time I only had an hour, so I went all-out Terminator mode and just machine gunned approaches like Arnold mowing down adversaries with a machine gun. I feel like this high-cliprate daygame made me extremely calibrated while also being probably the most indiscriminate and ruthless I’ve ever been during a daygame session. In 1 hour I did 23 sets, got 10 number closes, and got a solid number from this SEXY Korean girl who I’d probably rate a 9.5. She had ultra-wide hips, long, juicy legs, silky brown hair, and I found out she is a professional violinist. In person she was initially quite reserved, but I cracked her open and after about 2 minutes she became very receptive. Over text I had her agree to go out for coffee sometime.. but never got the chance to follow up because 1. I’m rarely even in the Bay and 2. SF is a 1 hour drive from my house. Ugh. Not that I’m getting oneitis with her, but she’s 100% my type and for me she’s the type of girl that would basically be the end-all for me. Hopefully I end up living in SF someday..

The final session was at Westfield Valley Fair. Nothing really notable happened, I was exhausted and did pretty sloppy game. But I did get one solid number close from a very cute Viet medical professional who looked to be in her early 30s. She has a petite body with nice hips and legs; her body is of the yoga type (mmm). I ended up going on a dinner date with her and she was very receptive and never brought up the age difference, which was a good sign. The logistics were not right to pull that night because it was late and she had to drive 1 hour back home, so I didn’t go for the pull, but we held hands on the way back to her car. I didn’t go for the makeout because she was sick and I really didn’t think it was worth it. Over text she asked me if I want to go on a Spring Break ski trip with her (lol) so I definitely think she’s quite into me and investing quite a lot. This whole thing with her is just interesting to me because I’m almost certain she knows I’m about 10 years younger than her, though she doesn’t seem to care at all. This is ongoing and in the future I’m planning on doing a bait-and-switch, if not just go for the pull.

Overall I’m satisfied with my Thanksgiving Break performance, as I met my goal of being decisive and re-honing my skills.

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