Winter Daygame (brrrr)

Is extremely difficult and I despise it but live with it. There’s nothing fun about going outside in near-freezing temperatures to maybe get a few numbers. If you live in a cold-weather environment, you most certainly can relate to how much of a pain in the ass it is. Since I am currently at school, and have no access to a high foot-traffic mall, oftentimes outdoor daygame is my only option. Of course nightgame and indoor daygame are also viable, but the point of this article is to help you minimize the impact of losing one of the most lucrative sources of leads. The following factors all contribute to making winter daygame extremely challenging:

  • It’s obviously cold as fuck
  • Women are completely covered up in huge coats that conceal their bodies
  • Low volume due to women staying at home
  • Cold women are less receptive
  • Testosterone levels are lower in the winter (scientifically proven)

It’s very obviously an uphill battle, but despite everything working against you it is still possible. The first step is to accept that the margin for error becomes razor thin, i.e. you must be more clutch and more decisive than you ever have been. If you see that hot girl walking by who’s hiding a 10/10 ass and tits under that coat, you MUST open, or else you will be left significantly behind in terms of approach volume. A good strategy to help your decisiveness is to just start walking towards her as soon as you identify her and before you start thinking.

Next, warm clothing is especially critical. I highly recommend wearing at least one base layer below your shirt. It will significantly elevate your core temperature and allow you to stay outside longer. Additionally, a scarf or some sort of neck protection will also help keep you warm. If you’re going on a winter daygame expedition for extended periods of time, consider investing in hand warmers. When temperatures are near freezing, they are a lifeline.

Finally, when it’s super cold you may feel sluggish. It’s your body’s natural response to the cold weather, and women experience this too. Remember that you must maintain solid frame no matter what (refer to my article on frame), and this means that you need to be radiant in a sea of sluggish people. Personally, I always amp myself up on copious amounts of coffee before I go out, which sharpens my attention and reduces my reaction times. Also, make sure you have eaten enough before you go out, because the calories will keep you warm. Winter daygame is akin to Olympic athletes doing high-altitude training, and it will make your skills razor sharp when the weather turns in your favor. Keep it up!! It’ll be worth it.

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